Saving small wild cats and their habitats world wide

About Us

The Small Wild Cat Conservation Foundation (SWCCF) works with partners and organizations around the world reducing and mitigating threats to small wild cats, while raising awareness of small wild cats and calling attention to the threats they face.

We take a pragmatic approach to conservation: what are the threats and what are our partners doing to reduce those threats? Threats come in many forms from free-ranging chickens to misaligned government policy, from federally protected feral dogs, to bush-meat hunting. For example, many species of small cats are killed in retaliation for preying on domestic poultry, goats, and llamas. Thus, our local partners repair and build predator-proof henhouses, provide trained guard dogs to protect livestock, and supply rural communities with piglets to reduce poaching

Our partners provide custom solutions to people and communities to improve their lives while reducing threats to small cats and other wildlife. With few exceptions, SWCCF does not see a need for “more research.” Even if the ecology and natural history of a small cat species is entirely unknown, if the species is preying on chickens, enough is known to reduce the threat. In our rapidly changing world, threats continue to morph – so must our threat reduction actions. 

Working Groups and StoryMaps

SWCCF takes pride in supporting small cat conservation around the globe.

Each project is unique and tackles a myriad of issues to ensure the conservation of it’s focus species. We encourage and uplift local conservationists to protect their country’s small cats species, for future generations.



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Small wild cats get less than 1% of the funding given towards wild cat conservation.

So make a donate today, to help our partners conserve small wild cats and their habitats.

Donations are collected by our partner the Wildlife Conservation Network – WCN. Just scroll down their list of programs, and select “Small Cats”.